New year, new luck: 2015

The 3rd year Albagi begins with new plans and goals. After 3 months break (in 5 years support was more than necessary), we changed everything.
Looking back: The first thought for support came through music. The best place for it:
Newcomer of rock, metal and punk. Each of the 5 years, we love and are grateful for all the experiences, bands and partners.
What is new: we do less! For more fun and concerts! We divide the year into 4 parts / quarters and work on projects that flash us.
The first quarter is available and can be found here:

Cologne Metal Invasion 

Proud to be a part:
If a Swabian and a Rhinelander the obsession develop a Heavy Metal concert to organize then comes out the Cologne Metal Invasion.
Cologne Metal Invasion concert by fans for fans!

Cologne Metal Invasion e.V.
50827 Köln

More Infos:

Check out and be there!  18.04.2015! \m/

Tri State Corner 

One of those bands that flash us on our site WE Support Rock and Metal Music International!

Our thanks is to help with their upcoming tour in Europe. We have prepared for it! And the guys let us freak out in our Support mosh pit! + Tri State Corner HOME TOUR Mini Mag +

More Infos about the band:

Great News: our friends bring on 2/27/2015 their new album on the road!
ASHPIPE and IndieBox Music Hall rules!
So we start with what we love: to infect the world with the PIPES music!