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This page was created for international bands to post their music and news and generate a little extra free publicity.
This page is also for the fans which support music. If you love music become a fan!


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Viza since 2000                                    Shallowpoint since 2011                             STONE VENGEANCE since 1978
 International Rock                                 Rock/Metal                                                  Heavy Metal, Thrash, Hard Rock



ASHPIPE  since 2007                              Exilia  since 1993                                          Alteria

 since 2007
Ska/Punk'n'Roll                                     Rock                                                            Alternative Rock




Vinide  since 2003                                  SoulHealer  since 2009                                 Desolate Shrine

 since 2010
Metal                                                    Melodic Metal                                              Death Metal




CONTRACRASH  since 2004                     Tri State Corner  since 2004                           Crossplane since 2010
Metal                                                    Rock/Metal                                                   Rock   



 LastDayHere since 2005                       INMATE since 2009                                      RADIOSTORM since 2007
 Alternative Metal                                  Metal                                                          Punk


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